My Vendors

You Always Have the Option to Utilize Our Team of Amazing Vendors, Loan Officers, Title Company Crew, Cleaning services, Concrete, Photography, and More.

I have Clients Calling me to this day, asking who I recommend for this and for that ! I am not the guy that just sells a house...

 I Am A Resource to All.

Tell them Manny Sent you! :) 


I built an awesome Team of lenders that we can work with. As we talk more, I can specify which lender will work best for you, and your terms!

Habla Español*


My Vendor list is continuing to grow everyday, I have a person for shoes, treats, concrete, handymen, sprinklers, landscaping, and more. You Name It, I Got It

Title Company

I work with an amazing title company that helped me build to where I am now; We can get you to the closing table!

Have a business? Let me add you to my Vendor list! I try to do the most my local businesses. For example, if you have coupons, I give those out to every buyer and seller at closing! Additionally, For my community events, I ask for trusted sponsors to attend to help get them in front of more people.